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Pragmatic Play has revolutionized the casino industry through its pioneering game development and technological breakthroughs. Its global presence in countries like the Philippines, Canada, Australia, Spain, the UK, and the US has allowed it to consistently deliver exceptional gaming experiences to numerous players.

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As a casino provider, they do not only give services to their end-users but also to their casino partners, like Solarbet Singapore. They go above and beyond what they can offer, which plays a crucial role in their flourishing success as a leading online gambling platform.

Pragmatic Play Rundown

Pragmatic Play, established in 2015 as a casino game developer, has swiftly gained recognition for its exceptional performance. They prioritize delivering high-quality gaming experiences throughout their diverse product portfolio.

For them, ensuring player protection is very important, and they achieve this by incorporating the latest advancements and security measures. They take responsibility for their business actions, giving top priority to both their partners and end-users. 

Over time, they have received various awards, including Game of the Year from the Malta Gaming Awards and Outstanding Slot Game from the 5 Star Awards. Their portfolio has expanded to include bingo software and a Romanian live dealer casino studio. Additionally, they offer games in various markets, provide daily cash rewards via drops and wins, and have significantly increased their selection of casino games.

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Security Measures and Licensing

When it comes to the gaming industry, they have taken it as a responsibility to deliver a safe and entertaining product. That’s why they prioritize responsible gambling practices and legal compliance, aiming to foster an optimal gaming experience alongside their reliable partners, Solarbet Casino Singapore, for instance.

In fact, Pragmatic Play holds licenses from three reputable regulatory bodies: the Malta Gaming Authority, the Gambling Commission, and the HM Government of Gibraltar. These licenses demonstrate the company’s commitment to providing reliable and responsible content to its customers and partners.

Mobile Compatibility

The same is true with Solarbet Singapore and any other online casino. Pragmatic Play also has the goal of making your gaming experience more convenient. One of the ways to do this is by offering mobile compatibility for your favorite casino games. 


Even without your laptop or computer, you can literally bring your gaming experience anywhere through your mobile device. 

Pragmatic Play: Game Selection

As a well-known gambling service and one of the largest casino companies, you can look forward to impeccable gaming options and limitless opportunity in your every play. Perhaps you’re one of the many players who love playing at Solarbet Casino; if that’s the case, then it’s perfect! Since Pragmatic Play is one of their gaming providers, you can have the chance to enjoy the following game sections they offer:. 

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Players love the excitement of bingo, whether they’re playing in person at a casino or online. Pragmatic Play focuses on creating attractive bingo games for online casino platforms to keep up with this enthusiasm. Each game variation offers special features for a unique experience.

With their unparalleled game features, there is no doubt that their bingo games will give you an incredible gaming experience, similar to what you had when you first played at Solarbet Online Casino

Sic Bo


For those players who want an unforgettable Sic Bo experience, Pragmatic Play is the way to go. They offer a sophisticated gaming version for Sic Bo games that is tailored specifically for your entertainment. Immerse yourself in this timeless casino game and prepare to be captivated.



Pragmatic Play provides a wide range of slot machine games, featuring three- and five-reel versions in addition to classic and video versions. There will be more video slot releases in the future. Six traditional slot machine games are already accessible, including “Irish Charms” and “888 Gold.”

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No matter which slot games you choose, they all have the same high-quality graphics and interesting themes. 

Live Roulette


Pragmatic Play’s roulette game takes online casino fun to the next level, whether you’re playing on your computer or smartphone. You can place all your favorite bets, from classics to unique ones. Plus, you can save your go-to bets for easy access later on.

Live Roulette is only one of the live casino games, along with other options like Vegas Ball Bonanza, PowerUP Roulette, and Boom City.

Live Baccarat


Pragmatic Play has made their live Baccarat games even more thrilling by adding some exciting features. Now, players can bet behind others using the Bet Behind feature and enjoy additional in-game side bets. The live tables offer a truly immersive experience and have plenty of seating options for multiple players.

Not to mention that they are also hosted by friendly dealers, which makes it even better for any player. The reason why it is such a famous game is not even a question anymore.

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Virtual Sports


Get ready for an amazing online betting adventure with Pragmatic Play! Sports fans can place bets on different sports events and enjoy the thrill of sports betting without leaving their homes. It is available on multiple devices through a single API. 

What’s even better is that it has a high frequency for betting, as if you’re really betting on actual sports games, making countless bettors more engaged than ever. Have the best time betting on any of your favorite games, such as horse racing and darts. 

Customer Service

Players come first at Pragmatic Play, where great games and top-tier customer support are the norm. Their team is always available to address any questions or concerns, guaranteeing that players have a seamless and fun gaming experience. This unwavering focus on player satisfaction has earned them a strong reputation and established them as the best gaming provider in the online casino realm.


There is no doubt that Pragmatic Play continually improves for the better. With their limitless gaming options, secured casino games, and superb customer service, They truly give their best to match the excellent experience of the existing online casino, most notably Solarbet, for countless players across the globe, be it in Singapore, China, or even Europe and America. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the key features Pragmatic Play has?

Pragmatic Play offers a range of bonuses and features, including a free spins bonus, a countdown free spins bonus, free card bonuses, and prize multipliers.


Does Pragmatic Play support multiple languages?

Pragmatic Play offers a wide range of 33 language options, including English, Indonesian, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, Italian, and others.


Can Pragmatic Play accommodate various currencies?

Like its diverse language options, Pragmatic Play supports a wide range of currencies for convenient gameplay.


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