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SA Gaming is an obvious choice for Solarbet Casino when it comes to casino providers. SA Gaming, a well-known Asian online casino operator, continues to grow its market share by drawing new players through continuous innovation and an extensive game library. This commitment to new experiences and many options strengthens SA Gaming’s status as a market leader, serving the preferences of both casino partners and players from Singapore.


Introducing SA Gaming 

SA Gaming, a Manila-based casino game developer, began operations in 2009 and has since made a significant mark on the gaming industry, notably in Asian countries. While they are not yet dominating the Western market, their long-term ambition is to achieve worldwide recognition and grow beyond the Americas.

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Currently, their focus is mostly on Asia, particularly Singapore, where they regularly provide high-quality live casino games. SA Gaming’s commitment to quality was acknowledged in 2017 with the prestigious “Best Online Casino Solution” award at the Asia Gaming Awards. 

The reason behind the collaboration of Solarbet with the industry’s top players was not just to increase their collection but to elevate the gaming experience for all.

SA Gaming Licensing and Security

SA Gaming established itself as a trustworthy and trusted gaming service by staying committed to responsible gaming, fairness, and transparency. This dedication is strengthened by the search for and acquisition of independent certifications and licenses in a variety of iGaming markets.

They have licenses from PAGCOR and First Cagayan, and their products are verified by independent regulatory authorities such as GLI and BMM. This dedication to external validation assures that players can rely on SA Gaming’s reputation and reliability in the gaming community.

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HTML 5 and Flash Technology 

SA Gaming’s live casino games combine HTML5 and Flash technologies to provide a smooth experience for Asian players across different devices. These technologies, together with dedicated studios and expert dealers, produce an exclusive and realistic environment for all types of channels, whether mobile or desktop. 

In addition, SA Gaming’s latest transition to the HTML5 framework provides perfect gaming for any platform.

SA Gaming Huge Library: Gaming Products Offer Me to Play

SA Gaming’s quest to become a gaming industry powerhouse is marked by unique and engaging live casino experiences. Their in-depth knowledge of the online gaming market has driven their success, allowing them to create cutting-edge technology and exciting live games that have received international recognition.

Live Baccarat

SA Gaming’s Baccarat caters to a wide range of players, offering a variety of betting options and limits. It also provides other game variants: 

  • Standard Commission
  • Speed Baccara
  • No Commission Baccarat
  • Cow Cow.

Following in the tradition of SA Gaming’s previous releases, their Baccarat has an intuitive interface with complete details, improved by HD quality, and extra zoom settings for a clear view of the dealer’s movements.

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Live Roulette


Sa Gaming’s Live Roulette offers a full-body experience with a classic European-style wheel and a wide range of betting options. Players may watch an engaging continuous live stream in amazing HD resolution, packed with an easy-to-use and feature-rich UI. Aside from detailed statistics and roadmaps, the game features an intuitive table style that is essential to the whole gameplay experience.

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Online Slots 


SA Gaming’s creative slot games take players to the world of Asian stories and legends. This suite has the most Asian-themed slots, mini-games, and even immersive “sexy model” slot experiences, providing a unique and diversified gaming experience. The strong multi-window function allows Singaporean players to enjoy many games at the same time.

Live Sic Bo


Live Sic Bo is a frenetic game of chance in which participants have to predict the outcome of three rolling dice. SA Gaming allows you to explore a variety of betting options and use thorough data, roadmaps, and hot/cold number indications to help you make predictions. 

During this exciting encounter, you won’t miss a single throw of the dice due to the two high-definition cameras.

Live Dragon Tiger 


Dragon Tiger, a popular game in Asian casinos with a rising international audience, is an exciting take on baccarat. Players predict whether the “Dragon” or “Tiger” hand will have the higher single-card value. Dragon Tiger differs from the usual baccarat as it uses just one card on each side. Further, SA Gaming’s version of Dragon Tiger allows Singaporean players to place bets on Dragon, Tiger, or a tie outcome.

Pok Deng 


Pok Deng, an exciting SA Gaming card game, originated in Thailand and is played by five players and a dealer. Each participant is dealt two cards, and the goal is to place bets on who will have the closest hand to 9 points. Pok Deng, like baccarat, provides unique rewards for specific card combinations, offering a fascinating dimension of strategy to the game.

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Multiplayer Games 


SA Gaming raises the bar with its new multiplayer game series, encouraging friends to join from all around the world. This engaging format encourages friendly competition, which increases player engagement and enjoyment.

Mobile Gaming 

SA Gaming has released an intuitive mobile app for Android and iOS devices. This program improves the way you play by allowing for faster game browsing and launching. 

To get right into the action, players from Singapore may scan QR codes or log in with a simple pattern. In addition, the mobile versions adapt effortlessly to both portrait and landscape orientations, providing smooth gaming across all mobile devices and operating systems.

Customer Support Staff

SA Gaming has a specialized customer support team that is known for its timeliness and professionalism. This crew is available around the clock and is dedicated to offering thorough help to Singaporean players whenever they need it. Their skills and training allow them to effectively address any concerns or issues that players may have.

SA Gaming: The Premier Online Casino Provider

Explore the exciting possibilities of SA Gaming, an established provider of online casino games that serves not just the Asian market but also players from other parts of the world. Their dedication to continual innovation, corporate growth, and game development guarantees a diversified and exciting experience for players like you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is SA Gaming licensed and regulated?

SA Gaming prioritizes player safety and security. Their software is fully licensed and controlled by recognized agencies in the Philippines, including First Cagayan (FC) and PAGCOR, proving their dedication to fair play and responsible gaming standards.


What products does SA Gaming offer?

SA Gaming’s one-stop service strategy addresses a wide range of business demands. Their broad portfolio includes proxy betting for physical casinos, live casino games, multiplayer games, and slot machines.


Where can Singaporean players play SA Gaming games?

SolarbetSG is the ideal location for those looking for the best gaming services. The increased demand for high-quality gaming has driven this Singapore-based online casino to focus on service excellence by collaborating with SA Gaming.


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