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Sexy Gaming, a leading iGaming software, and service provider has carved itself a niche in Southeast Asia, particularly in Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, and the Philippines. They specialize in classic live casino experiences for online casinos worldwide, with their distinctive aspect being attractive dealers in bikinis. Their unique approach has positioned them as a major player in the region.

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This fantastic live casino is a must-see for both new and seasoned players. Additionally, they provide excellent SGD rewards! Make sure to include Sexy Gaming on your list. Sexy Gaming understands the importance of meeting your demands, just like any reputable online casino such as SolarbetSG.


Introducing Sexy Gaming

Sexy Gaming, founded in 2016, is an entertainment-focused developer and service provider in the iGaming market. They, also known as AE Sexy, have carved out a distinct niche in Asia with their creative and exciting live dealer games.

Even though their homepage has been redesigned in Thai, the platform welcomes foreign players and provides English language options for casino games. In addition, each game has a user-friendly and convenient interface, making it simple for players from different countries to browse and enjoy.

Sexy Gaming, a Thai developer, has quickly achieved popularity outside of Thailand, moving into Southeast Asia (Singapore, the Philippines, and Vietnam) as well as New York City, and parts of Europe. 

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This Thai company targets users who prefer traditional online table games, dice games, and slots. They provide an assortment of interesting options, expanding beyond the local market to include exciting new releases for Asian gamers in general. 

Sexy Gaming’s commitment to innovation and broad offers positions it to be a leading choice for online betting and casino games in the years to come. By collaborating with trusted online casinos in Singapore, particularly Solarbet, Sexy Gaming aims to provide Singaporean players with an unparalleled and rewarding gaming experience.If you are looking for bracelet. There’s something to suit every look, from body-hugging to structured, from cuffs to chain chain bracelet and cuffs.

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Sexy Gaming Licensing and Security Features

AE Sexy Casino promotes player security and peace of mind. They have a valid license and follow tight industry standards, ensuring fair play and responsible operations. 

In addition, they use strong security measures such as password-protected databases and mandatory methods of encryption. This multilayered strategy protects your information and financial activities.

Attractive and Professional Dealers 

AE Sexy provides several live dealer casino games, including Baccarat, Dragon Tiger, and Sic Bo. The platform employs skilled and competent dealers, resulting in a clean and exciting gaming session.

Games are streamed in full HD, resulting in stunning graphics, and the platform has quick and consistent transmission speeds owing to studios in Southeast Asia with reliable internet connections. This combination enables Singaporean players to experience live games with high speed and no delay.

This is one of the reasons Solarbet chose Sexy Gaming: to provide something unique for Singaporean players looking to improve their gaming while still having fun.

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The Key Features of Playing Sexy Gaming 

Sexy Gaming provides a live dealer gaming experience with more than 100 dealers that play popular games such as Baccarat, Roulette, and Sic Bo. Players may communicate directly with dealers and simply exchange tables. 

The platform also uses an AI algorithm (with high accuracy) to predict future scenarios. This program is designed for a specialized audience looking for a unique live dealer experience, including features such as automated deposits and withdrawals. 

Sexy Gaming Game Portfolio: Different Ways to Win and Enjoy 

This developer’s live casino content emphasizes quality and originality over quantity. While their library may not be as extensive as some industry giants, they still offer a selection of popular titles to ensure that Singaporean players have a great time playing these high-quality games. 

Live Baccarat


Live baccarat, which combines strategy and chance, provides an interesting experience for both experienced players and beginners. In this classic game, you and the dealer (also known as the banker) both receive two cards.

The objective is to reach as close to 9 as possible with your hand value. While luck plays an important part, understanding how cards are valued is essential: tens and face cards have no value, aces are worth one, and the rest of the cards keep their numerical values.

Live Roulette 


The live roulette game from Sexy Gaming, a famous supplier, is sure to add excitement to your gaming session. Players gamble on where the ball will fall on the spinning wheel, with the traditional red and black betting options available.

Live Sic Bo


This provider offers a captivating twist on a classic Chinese game, staying true to the original rules while adding a modern flair. For dice players, the addition of attractive dealers elevates the experience to an even more exciting level.

Live Dragon Tiger


Dragon Tiger is a basic card game in which participants bet on which of the two “sides,” Dragon or Tiger, will get the higher card. Each player gets two cards, but the focus is on these two designated sides, similar to how players bet on the banker or player hand in baccarat. 

Dragon Tiger is considered easier to understand than baccarat because it only requires comparing one card from each side and has three betting options: Dragon, Tiger, or Tie.

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Language Options

Sexy Gaming, a Thai-based casino, serves both local and foreign customers. While Thai is the main language, users outside of Thailand can also access the portal in English.

To enhance the playing experience and reach a worldwide audience, Sexy Gaming employs multilingual dealers who are fluent in Thai and English. Furthermore, the gaming interface can be translated into a variety of languages depending on which online casino hosts Sexy Gaming’s content.

Mobile Version

Sexy Gaming provides a mobile version of its platform, which includes all of the same features and functionality as its desktop counterpart. This mobile software is designed to be user-friendly and works with both Android and iOS smartphones. 

It has a clear and readable layout, user-friendly functions, and the ability to adapt fluidly to different screen sizes and internet speeds due to the usage of HTML5 technology. This enables users to get the complete Sexy Gaming experience on the go, regardless of device or location.

Customer Support Staff

Sexy Gaming values not just high-quality products and services, but also excellent customer service. Their friendly and professional staff is always available for assistance, including providing in-house tutorials for learning card games. This mix of quality and personal service produces a welcoming and enjoyable environment for gamers.

Spice Up Your Game with Sexy Gaming 

Understanding the competitive nature of the software industry, AE Sexy has greatly enhanced its offerings to distinguish itself. Their live casino experience blends the excitement of the game with the presence of attractive dealers, making it a highly engaging and enticing experience for Singaporean players.

This approach demonstrates their desire to respond to unique player interests and maybe acquire market momentum. Solarbet Casino has taken its gaming service to the next level with the addition of Sexy Gaming, to provide players with some spice in their playing experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can Sexy Gaming be relied upon as a legitimate provider of online casino services?

Yes, some of the best online casinos in Singapore, like SolarbetSG, teamed up with them. This is not because of the popularity of their services, but because they obtained valid licenses.


What gaming options does Sexy Gaming have for players from Singapore?

Live baccarat, Live roulette, live sic bo, and Live Dragon Tiger are the gaming options for Singaporean players to choose from. Playing these quality games will create a vibrant atmosphere for everyone involved.


Where can I play Sexy Gaming services?

Solarbet Casino is the best place to go for Sexy Gaming services. The growing demand for quality gaming has led this online casino in Singapore to prioritize excellence in its services.


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