Reel in the Big One: Top Tips for Winning Online Fish-Shooting Games

Online fishing games attract beginners and experienced players alike. They are simple to understand and can be played by anyone on Solarbet. Your goal is to have fun and earn money without being exposed to considerable risks. 

Be that as it may, there are a few things to remember when playing such a game. The primary benefit is that these strategies work for both beginners and experienced players, allowing both groups to earn financially from their online fishing experience.

Tip 1: Choose the Right Weapon and Aim for the Right Targets

You will be given weapons to shoot both small and large fish. However, smaller fish will require more hasty but less powerful bullets, whereas larger fish will need larger and more powerful shells. Therefore, you will hardly affect any large fish with the same small target round. It is also a wise idea to turn on the auto-aiming tool, regardless of your level of expertise. However, it does not mean that the game will decide when and how to shoot for you. Instead, it will only ensure the accuracy of directing the cannon at the fish you would like to hit. 

One more trick to winning in fish casino games is focusing on the type of fish you are targeting. Usually, larger and more colorful fish bring bigger rewards. Please keep an eye on them and catch them instead of wasting your ammunition on small fry!

Tip 2: Target Fish by Speed and Visibility

When you play fish table games at Solarbet Online Casino, you will face many fish of different sizes and speeds. Small fish are quite easy to catch because of their low speed, and they provide fewer coins. However, larger fish are more difficult to catch because of the higher probability of missing them and running out of ammo, but their defeat brings a bigger reward.

A bonus fish is even more difficult in ammo requirements and is somewhat a separate category. A hidden fish is indeed a challenging fish to catch; thus, it may be under the stone or seaweed and requires a lot of ammo. 

Although the prize is evident, the player is completely unaware of them and has no idea if they are likely to fail. Time and ammo are key resources in fish table games, and hidden fish always bring uncertainty.

Tip 3: Aim for Low-Value Fish and Target When They are Gathered Together

If you want to earn more coins efficiently while playing at Solarbet Singapore, you need to apply this rule. Try to shoot the smaller fish mainly instead of trying to shoot any regular fish. It may look unjust because it is expected that you would earn more coins by shooting the ones with more points. 

However, since the system of counting can be different, the best option would always be to shoot a fish with fewer points, which would give you even more coins for one point. Secondly, it is important not to rush and waste your shots with the strong, single fish. 

This always means that fish wait to collide in a school and swim around the scene. If you manage to shoot at them, you will easily earn more coins.

Tip 4: Choose the Most Appropriate Fish Table Game

Just because there are a lot of fish games , doesn’t mean that all of them will be your cup of tea. It’s also worth to keep in mind that they usually use coins, which you can exchange only for a reward, not money. That is why it is very easy to get bored in a game which doesn’t suit you at all. Before you start to play one, at least take a look at how it looks and plays. Even better, if you can find a demo version to try; this way you will see whether it will be your ultimate journey or not!

Tip 5: Stay Calm and Hone Your Skills Through Practice

Staying calm is probably one of the most important tips. By playing fishing games and doing everything in a hurry, one does not allow themselves to relax and may skip some fish. So wait for the right moment, take a break to rest, and admire the virtual paradise. As with any skill, learning how to reap large rewards and load in the virtual reel can be perfected in practice. 

When you start playing in easy fishing conditions, you gradually begin to increase the level of difficulty as you improve. This approach allows you to learn from mistakes and increases your chances of winning big in fish table games.

Tip 6: If You Have Enough Bullets, Aim for Bigger Fish!

This advice is aimed at people who have enough resources for the game. If you have enough money and feel financially strong, it would be more effective for you to attack large targets using “bigger bullets”. You are more likely to hit one of the main fish, and you may even win bigger rewards. 

Although sometimes you will waste more resources, in general, the rewards for the big wins will outweigh this. However, this strategy doesn’t apply to every situation. It is recommended to use “small” or medium ammo if you focus on particular objectives. Additionally, you should only shoot fish that are immediately nearby to avoid unnecessary waste.


In order to achieve your fishing goals, you should select a perfect game, learn how fish are moving, be patient, and keep practicing to improve your skills. Therefore, landing a win at Solarbet fishing shooting games becomes much more feasible by following these tips.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Fish Shooting?

Fish Shooting is a popular arcade game in which players “shoot” colored fish across the screen with a virtual cannon. Points are gained based on the type and size of fish caught. These can be used to redeem rewards later (depending on where the game is played). Fish shooting is closely connected with lively graphics and a straightforward learning curve.

What are Fish Shooting Games and how are they different from regular casino games?

Fish shooting games are arcade-style games where you use a cannon to shoot and collect points by catching different fish. Unlike slots or roulette, fish-shooting games are considered skill-based. Your aim and strategy determine how many points you can catch.

Can I play Fish Shooting Games online?

Yes! Due to their popularity, many trusted online casinos, particularly SolarbetSG, now offer fish table games. You can discover different fish table games from trusted gaming providers in the industry, which include CQ9 Gaming, SpadeGaming, YL Gaming, and Jili Gaming.


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