Rolling the Odds: A Comprehensive Sic Bo Strategy Guide

Some consider online Sic Bo as one of the easiest games to play, but don’t be fooled by its simplicity! Once you play this game, you will be surprised how fun and thrilling it can be, not to mention a rewarding one. 

Let’s take a walk about this well-known ancient Chinese game you can play at the leading platform in Singapore, Solarbet Online Casino

How to Bet On Sic Bo?

While at first glance, it is similar to craps and its betting table to roulette, they are both not the same as sic bo. In the game of Sic Bo, you must wager on the outcome of the three dice rolls in a table that has various betting options. 

You can place your bet by putting your chips on the sections of the table that correspond to your prediction. Once you settle in, the live dealer will shake the dice using a special container and open it to reveal the rolled number. That’s it! If you guess it right you win, but if not, then you lose. 

Sic Bo is available on various gaming platforms. As your guide, you can check our top 15 best online casinos in Singapore to find the right platform for your sic bo journey!

Sic Bo Betting Types

Assuming that you have found a reliable gaming platform as fine as Solarbet Singapore, you can now take a moment and understand the various betting options to consider. 

The game of Sic Bo includes various bets that are suited to any player’s preferences. For instance, you may opt for a single bet that allows you to wager on a specific number, or you can choose a double bet for two specific numbers, or even triple bets for all three dice showing the same number. 

Aside from these, there are also bets based on the outcome of the roll, such as high or low and odd/even, and of course total bets that allow you to wage on the exact outcome of the three rolled dice. 

How to Win at Sic Bo?

Needless to say, to win big at sic bo you must know how the game works, but aside from these you must also know how to play strategically. Even though sic bo is a game of chance, there are various tips and strategies that you can apply if you want to win big. 

Sic Bo Tips

  • Always have fun
  • Know every bit of your bet
  • Start betting small
  • Have a betting limit
  • Pay attention to bet that has a higher chance of winning
  • Avoid having too many bets
  • Don’t be too superstitious 
  • Never chase your losses
  • Opt to Solarbet Casino or trusted online casino in general

Sic Bo Strategies

Besides the following tips that you can consider there are also various betting strategies that once you learn can boost your odds of winning!

  • Low-Risk Strategy
  • Low-To-Medium Risk Strategy
  • Medium-Risk Strategy
  • High-Risk Strategy

Try Your Luck Here!

With all of this information, you can definitely play strategically. Do not solely depend on your luck, and do your part to win at this excellent casino game. 

Embark your Solarbet journey now and play your favorite casino games!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the chances of winning Sic Bo?

Since sic bo is a game of chance, there is no guaranteed win in every bet that you have, however, you can based on various betting types the probability of success. For instance, when you choose an odd/even bet you have a 48.61% chance of winning compared to a dice combination that has 13.9%.

Can I play sic bo for real money?

Yes, if you place your bet in a sic bo game and your prediction is right you can win real money.

Why play sic bo game online?

Sic Bo is a fun game but it can be much better when playing online. Aside from various bonuses and special offers, it is also more convenient and has a faster face.


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