Turn the Tide in Baccarat: Advanced Strategies for Smart Play

Baccarat might be tricky! However, while talking about gambling games, card counting is not the thing that is associated with the mentioned title. The strategies involved in the process can be described as being rather unexpected. 

Namely, the guide provides a closer look at the card-counting and trend-following strategies, which imply following the sequence of dealt cards to predict the following bets. Although these techniques do not ensure 100 percent positive results, they are a player with a set of data that can be used to predict the next moves at the Baccarat table. Let us discover further!

Card Counting in Baccarat 

Baccarat is not the first card game that comes to mind when talking about card counting; however, this technique can be applied to yield a minor advantage. Card counting in Baccarat is similar to its application in blackjack. 

This method involves tracking the cards that have already been dealt with and trying to predict the possible outcomes of the future hands. The principle is based on assigning values to each card: 2–9 equal +1, 10s and Kings gold have no value (0), while Ace has -1. 

By having a total score during the shoe, you can try to assess whether the remaining cards will favor the player or the banker. The higher the positive count is and exceeds the limit of +16, the greater the probability that the player is to win the next hand; as a result, placing the player bet is more appropriate. 

If the count goes below +15, the banker is more likely to succeed in the next round, and, accordingly, it is more beneficial to bet on the banker.

Additionally, one should bear in mind that to apply this strategy, one has to be able to concentrate and must be extremely focused. Even though this method will not allow you to win, it can still help you get a minor advantage and be able to make more informed decisions while playing Baccarat. This game is truly classic and you can enjoy and play at Solarbet Singapore

The “Trend Following” Method 

A lot of Baccarat players use a strategy called “Trend Following” which is based on tracking past hand outcomes to predict where the future wins will be. 

This strategy is influenced by players firmly believing that the streaks exist and will influence the upcoming hands. How this works is that a player starts by betting one unit on the banker and keeps betting on it whenever it wins. 

Once the banker loses, a player moves the bet to the player and keeps betting on the player if that player keeps winning. When the player loses, a bet is returned to the banker. The main idea is to ride a winning streak and make the switch at the moment when it seems most beneficial. However, it should always be remembered that some casino games are based on chance, and past results do not determine future ones.

Betting on the Banker and Avoiding Tie Bets 

The golden rule for the Baccarat players is the following: the banker bet has the lowest house edge; for the player bet, it ranges to 1.24%; and for the tie bet, it ranges to 14.36%. 

Therefore, the banker bet is the smartest strategy for long games. However, one should remember that the casino will take away 5% of winning banker bets. 

Ultimately, the tie bet is nothing else but a bad idea, despite its significant payout. The latter usually amounts to 8:1, 9:1, or even 10:1. However, the tie bet is not beneficial due to the low odds. Therefore, the optimal strategy for wise Baccarat players is not to take risks but to avoid this bet.

Guidelines to Implement Baccarat Betting Strategies

Anyone who wants to gamble should focus on responsible practices. First of all, anyone should determine the bankroll, which is the sum of money specifically designed for playing Baccarat. 

Second, one should not exceed the limits of this bankroll, regardless of losses or wins. 

In addition, before starting to play, one should establish the “winning” and “losing” limits for the single session. Once reaching one of them, the person should stop playing. 

The third rule is to follow the chosen strategy no matter the circumstances, whether one is on a winning or losing streak. 

Moreover, new players can use the free version of online Baccarat games to understand the rules of the game, test various strategies, and observe while playing whether any patterns or trends can influence bets. 

Lastly, one should choose the most reliable gambling website, particularly Solarbet Online Casino, which offers a wide selection of Baccarat games and has limited betting limits. It is important to ensure that the site is licensed and regulated by a recognized authority.


Baccarat is such an exciting game to play, but it can become even more exciting with a well-defined betting strategy. Whether you have minimal or vast experience in the game, a baccarat betting strategy can help you minimize potential losses and properly manage your bankroll. 

Your strategy will guide you toward making informed decisions, which can increase your chances of winning. Bear in mind the maximum and minimum amounts for your wins and losses, never disregard responsible bankroll management, and know when to stop. 

With practice and proper discipline, you can improve your betting skills and strategies. Of course, do not forget to choose Solarbet to partner with all your Baccarat plays.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it possible to count cards in Baccarat?

Yes, card counting is technically mathematically possible in Baccarat, but whether it’s effective remains a subject of much dispute. Many experts concede that it has much less of an effect on your odds than it does in blackjack.

Are there any fail-safe Baccarat betting strategies that promise a win?

Perhaps most people would like a ‘no-losing’ strategy in Baccarat, but none of them are there. Any gambling game is indeed based on luck. Moreover, the casino will always have an edge over the players. Yet, using a good betting strategy, a player can win more than they will lose. 

What makes betting on the banker a more favorable choice compared to the tie bet?

Although the tie bet in Baccarat provides you with a high payout, you should not always bet because it still involves a significantly higher house edge in comparison to the banker bet. As the banker bet statistically wins more often because of the drawing rules, even if a small commission is applied by the casino (5%), it will result in a much better probability of winning, which will serve to reduce the overall house advantage in your favor.

Is there a way to foresee the outcome of a Baccarat game?

No, it is impossible to predict the outcome of a Baccarat game. The game is purely based on chance, and each hand is completely separate from the previous one. Although some players tend to track previous results to identify the pattern, this is not statistically significant. Moreover, they usually shuffle cards after each deal. The best advice in such cases is to stick to a betting strategy and understand the odds.


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